More community benefit anticipated

Stout’s preliminary estimate of fiscal impact is likely significantly understated.

Included in the calculation are benefits of Cleveland Right to Counsel that can be quantified based on currently available data. However, Cleveland / Cuyahoga County would likely realize additional benefits that are not currently quantifiable based on available data. These benefits that are not currently quantifiable include but are not limited to:

· The education costs, juvenile justice costs, and child welfare costs associated with children experiencing homelessness.
· The effects of stabilized employment and income and the economic and tax benefits to the state associated with consumer spending.
· The negative impact of eviction on tenants’ credit score, ability to re-rent, and the potential loss of a subsidized housing voucher.
· The cost of providing public benefits when jobs are lost due to eviction or the eviction process.
· The cost of mental health care.
· Certain additional costs associated with homelessness, such as additional law enforcement and incarceration costs.
· The cost of family, community, and neighborhood instability.
· Preservation of financial and personal assets.
· A reduction, over time, of the number of eviction cases filed resulting in improved use of Cleveland Municipal Court resources.

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